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By Linda Schmittroth, Mary Kay Rosteck, Stacy A. McConnell

Profiles sixty women and men who have been key gamers at the British or American part of the yankee Revolution, from John Adams, who grew to become the second one president, to Eliza Wilkinson, who wrote of the day British squaddies looted her South Carolina domestic.

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The family was happy despite being rather poor. Samuel Adams 21 Adams was appointed Boston commissioner of garbage collection in 1753, and in 1756 was elected one of five tax collectors for the city. Though he did a poor job demanding unpaid taxes, the popular Adams was reelected and held the post of tax collector for the eight years that followed. Remarries, begins patriotic work In 1757 Elizabeth Adams died, a few weeks after giving birth to a baby that died at birth. The following year Adams nearly lost the house he had inherited from his father because he was unable to pay the debts he had also inherited.

On the other hand, Republicans believed that individual states should exercise governmental power. Adams believed in a moderate Federalism, while Jefferson supported the Republican view of government. Adams defeated Jefferson, who became his vice president. The Adamses were the first presidential family to live in the new White House, moving in while the paint was still wet. During his term as president, Adams helped the new government continue in an orderly manner, but his job was full of difficulties, both at home and abroad.

The people of Boston were placed under the command of a military governor, General Thomas Gage (see entry), and his soldiers. Citizens were forced to house and feed the soldiers out of their own pockets, and town meetings were outlawed. Adams worked hard to convince the other colonies that Boston’s punishment was a blow to all of them. With Boston Harbor closed, little food could come into the city. Other colonies came to the rescue by sending food over land to Boston. For the first time in colonial history, people seized on the idea of forming a congress made up of representatives of all the colonies.

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