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By Jay Johnson

This illustrated consultant to American folks artists and their paintings spans a century of painters from Grandma Moses to Kathy Jakobsen and covers such media as sculpture, pottery, and cloth creations.

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Aulisio folk painter Joseph P. Aulisio was born in 1910 at Old Forge, Pennsylvania, a town with about 9,000 inhabitants located not far from Scranton in northeastern Pennsylvania. He appears to have spent most of his life in the Scranton area, where he worked in a laundry and dry-cleaning establishment. Appropriately enough, one of Aulisio's best-known works, Portrait of Frank Peters, the Tailor, done in 1965, memorializes a fellow worker in the cleaning and tailoring business. " In his fifties, artist and life.

In 1953, they bought ators, — — opened a rock shop. After a new road brought an influx of travelers, the Blacks began to create a miniature amusement park which they called Possum Trot. Among the attractions were wind-driven constructions, merry-go-rounds, a train, and several stagecoaches, but the heart of the exhibition was the Bird Cage Theater and its "fantasy doll show," a mixture of stage show and vaudeville act performed by some seventy carved and painted dolls. Numerous paintings, totems, and signs were salvaged from Possum Trot after Ruby's death in 1980, but the most important pieces are the dolls.

Blocksma now frame house in Holland, Michigan, surrounded by lives in a small These strange, anthropoid figures, which resemble dolls wood, leather, piano wire, canvas, or even whirligigs, are made from bits of junk and odd bits of hardware jointed together so that their arms and legs move. There is a casual, almost accidental quality to the work, but the thought behind it is far from accidental. It is, in fact, highly premeditated. As the artist says, "I use pieces of his constructions. " This search for understanding has led Blocksma to study the relationships among the materials with itself in a which he constructs construction.

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