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By James L. W. West III

This ebook examines literary authorship within the 20th century and covers such issues as publishing, ebook distribution, the alternate editor, the literary agent, the journal industry, subsidiary rights, and the blockbuster mentality.

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195-96. 38 I American Authors and t h e Literarv Marketplace field. Publisher Mathew Carey and book agent Parson Weems attempted to reach the South, but their success was limited. ' Tlie eRorts of Ticknor and Fields to reach book buyers in the Old Northwest and the South during the mid-nineteenth century can pcrhaps be taken as typical for the track as a whole. Tlie firm began doing busitless as a book-publishing house in 1832 and at first sold most of its output locally in Boston. After 1840, however, Ticktior and Fields stepped up eEorts to distribute books t o the North\vest and South, relying on retail booksellers rather than on traveling book agents or subscription lists.

123. 11. J. 28 / American Authors and the Literary Marketplace ecluatiori perfectly: "Publishing is not ordinary trade," he wrote. "It is gambling. The publisher bets tlie cost of manufacturing, advertising and circulating a book, plus the owrhead of his establishment, against every book he publishes exactly as a turf bookmaker bets against every horse in the race. The author, wi;h his one book, is an onmer baclu~ighis favorite at the best odds he can get from tlie competi~igpublishers. i several other books.

Chaps. 2, 4, 5 , and 7 . 36 / American Authors and the Literary Marketplace American p~iblisherswere not entirely subordinate, howe\rer. They serviced a large arid potentially profitable market, and British readers, curious about American democracy and social practices, were ~villingto buy some of the books being ofired to London houses. Many of these American publishers were men of cultivation and wide experience; cordial and even strong friendships grew up between American publishers and British publishers and authors.

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