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Each part of the value chain and delivery mechanism of a campaign must be examined to ensure that the action screen experience directly leads to the action the brand wants the consumer to make. Many brands today still take users to a main web page on the mobile experience whether it achieves the campaign goals or not. If it is not directly related to the reason the consumer engaged with the brand on a mobile device, it will result in consumers not taking desired action, and the brand will fall short of campaign and mobile expectations.

My goal is to create a shift in our vernacular to ensure that mobile’s position in our plans, discussions, and executions happens sooner rather than later. Recently, my partners and I worked with several brands that were creating experiences on Facebook, but functioned only on computer screens, omitting the action screens. The brands put their entire energy, budget, and resources into creating Facebook-functional apps, yet when I asked if it was possible to pull that same app or some of its features into a mobile experience, they responded that there was no budget approved to extend the Mobile Is the Action Screen 35 experience for the mobile phone.

More so, you are probably spending more with that brand, driving the profits and loyalty they so desire with all consumers. In business today, especially in the mobile world, we get caught up in the breathtaking advancement of technological capabilities and data analytics that pinpoint consumers so accurately we can deliver a message to them whether they want to receive it or not. I made a rather substantial investment—in both time and equity—in a business that was run by a group of consumerists who delivered brands to consumers by simply asking them to fill out a profile about their hobbies, interests, lifestyles, and upcoming purchase intentions.

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