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By C L E Lewis and S J Knell, Cherry Lewis, Simon J. Knell

This publication includes contributions from Martin Rees-the Astronomer Royal; Aubrey Manning-biologist and presenter of the BBC television sequence Earth tale; Chris Stringer-archaeologist and media character, and a couple of revered historians of science.An ancient point of view of geological time, from the 17th century to the invention of radioactivity, and directly to modern day functions of geochronology. participants come from the fields of geology and geochemistry, palaeontology, biology, archaeology, astronomy, and the historical past of science.The age of the Earth has continuously been an issue of significant curiosity to scientists from many disciplines-geologists, biologists, archaeologists, astronomers and historians. This quantity, The Age of the Earth: from 4004BC to AD2002, brings jointly participants from those diversified matters to debate a number of facets of the subject. It opens with a ancient standpoint, relating the works of eminent students from the 17th to 19th centuries, describing how conceptions of the Earth's historical past replaced over this era. we're taken from the time while state-enforced spiritual orthodoxy all through Europe dictated the age of the Earth, via to the 19th century while geology emerged as a rigorous and self-contained technological know-how. via stratigraphic paintings, fossils grew to become validated as precious time markers and the scientists of the day became to the deduction of time from the goods of geomorphological methods. by means of the tip of the 19th century the talk among geologists and physicists was once at its height. the hassle to quantify geological time affected the speculation and perform of geology and used to be largelyresonsible for it maturing right into a specialist clinical self-discipline. throughout the technology of geochronology, more and more sophisticated recommendations constructed to degree the age of the Earth. even though, it's going to be borne in brain that the now-accepted age will be thought of a 'geochemical twist of fate' which nonetheless continues to be a contentious issue.The concluding components of the publication speak about a couple of similar issues: the hunt for the oldest rocks in the world; a biologist's perspective of the heritage and development of lifestyles in the world; how a refinement of radiocarbon and non-radiocarbon actual relationship suggestions has impacted looking for our historical hominid ancestors; and, ultimately, cosmology and the questions surrounding the age of the universe.

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However, these physico- speculations of Whiston. Woodward was instead theological authors generally did not follow the a great field investigator and collector, who paid Biblical text literally and were not particularly constant attention to strata and fossils. For this concerned with calculating the Earth's exact age. reason his Natural History of the Earth was of On the contrary, they aimed to reconstruct a particular interest to scholars who continued the sequence of physical states of the Earth within the 'Stenonian heritage'.

Histoire de la Geologie. Tome 2. La grande eclosion et ses premices 1660-1810. Lavoisier, Paris. ELLENBERGER, F. 1995. Johann Scheuchzer, pionnier de la tectonique alpine. Memoires de la Societe Geologique de France, nouvelle serie, 168, 39-53. EYLES, V. A. 1958. The influence of Nicolaus Steno on the development of geological science in Britain. In: SCHERZ, G. ) Nicolaus Steno and his Indice. Acta historica scientiarum naturalium et medicinalium - vol. 15, Copenhagen, 167-188. FLETCHER, J. 1968.

This paper discusses some interconnections between Theories of the Earth and the emerging enterprise of geological field investigation, as they related to efforts toward establishing relative ages of geological phenomena. It considers in particular the two rather different Theories of the Earth offered by Buffon in 1749 and 1778, respectively. While the earlier one (Theorie de la Terre) emphasized principles for extracting physical knowledge of the Earth's configuration through empirical investigation, the latter theory (Epoques de la Nature] drew attention to the project of organizing knowledge about the Earth around a directional sequence of periods.

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