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By Alicia Duchak

An A-Z of recent the United States is a finished cultural dictionary which defines modern the USA via its background and civilization. The ebook contains entries on:key humans from presidents to Babe RuthAmerican lifestyles, customs, garments and educationlegal, spiritual and governmental practicesmulticulturalism, minorities and civil rightsAn A-Z of contemporary the United States deals obtainable and vigorous definitions of over 3,000 separate goods. The publication is cross-referenced and hence presents linked hyperlinks and cultural connections whereas the appendices include crucial additional details on American associations, constructions and traditions.

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It does not mean that the person has ``deserted'' the military. By association, any person who is not present or has left a position without giving an explanation. , creatures from outerspace). By association, anything which is done in an amateur or cheap manner. 23 B'nai B'rith (International) (religion) An important, international charity organization for Jews which works to fight anti-Semitism through community programs as well as by the legal work of its Anti-Defamation League. Further, it helps new Jewish immigrants to the United States adjust to life here in the US by giving them legal, financial and language assistance.

This slogan encouraged Congress to support the Lend-Lease Act. See isolationism. Articles of Confederation, the (government) The unsuccessful, first written plan of the national American government which was in effect from 1781 to 1778. , states could choose to pay taxes to the federal government or not; all states must agree to all treaty agreements for them to become law). In 1789, it was replaced by the United States Constitution. See Shay's Rebellion, Whiskey Rebellion. , wooden furniture) because it feared that these older skills would be lost because of the cheaper prices and popularity of new, machine-made and industrial products.

Frequently, members participate in parades and services on Veterans' Day and Memorial Day. Currently, it has some 3 million members organized into 15,000 local groups. See lobby. American Medical Association (health) (AMA) The largest organization in the United States for physicians and doctors (currently some 300,000 members). It distributes scientific information concerning the private medical profession. It sets standards for medical schools5 and residency programs and lobbies Congress on health-related issues; it does not support a national health care plan.

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