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By Richard W. Kroon

Defining greater than 10,000 phrases and words from daily slang to technical phrases and ideas, this dictionary of the audiovisual language embraces greater than 50 topic parts inside movie, tv, and residential leisure. It contains phrases from the entire lifecycle of an audiovisual paintings from preliminary idea via advertisement presentation in the entire significant distribution channels together with theatrical exhibition, tv broadcast, domestic leisure, and cellular media. The dictionary definitions are augmented by means of greater than six hundred illustrations, 1,600 etymologies, and approximately 2,000 encyclopedic entries that supply illuminating anecdotes, ancient point of view, and clarifying information that would be ignored by means of a extra conventional dictionary. utilization notes offer extra tips the place phrases could be burdened or are quite often misused.

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Also IMA. ADR n. The process of re-recording dialogue in a sound studio during post-production and synchronizing it with the original picture. Performed under the supervision of the director, post-production supervisor, or ADR editor. ), to change the actor’s vocal performance (improve line delivery), or to change the actual line delivered, including adding new dialogue (mostly when the actor’s mouth cannot be seen clearly, so the miss-match will not be noticed). USAGE: When ADR is used to replace one spoken language with another, it is more often called dubbing.

1 adjustment n. A change in an actor’s performance, often requested by the director: The director asked for several adjustments after the first take. Compare director’s notes. admitted mod. A cable system service flow on a DOCSIS network that has been allocated resources, such as bandwidth, by the cable modem termination system. 2 adjustment BUSINESS n. 1. A negotiated reduction in the amount an exhibitor owes a distributor for the rental of a motion picture made after the run of the picture. admitted service flow n.

St. Thomas Aquinas described this as a moment of claritas (clarity)— one of three moments of the aesthetic experience, along with integritas (wholeness) and convenientia (harmony). ] aesthetic distance ACADEMIC n. 1. The necessary intellectual and emotional separation between audience and creative work that allows an audience to appreciate the artistic nature of a work, rather than experiencing the work as reality. 2. The separation between an author and his creative work that gives the author the freedom to develop a work that goes beyond the author’s personal experience and bias.

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