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This results in a universally valid anthropology or psychology. . with an abstract picture of man as an average unit from which all individual features have been removed. But it is precisely these features which are of paramount importance for understanding man . . understanding the individual obliges me to commit lèse majesté, so to speak, to turn a blind eye to scientific knowledge. . This conflict cannot be solved by an either-or but only by a kind of two-way thinking; doing one thing while not losing sight of the other.

We all have these needs, regardless of age; however, we vary in our ability to fulfill them. "49 Glasser avoids labeling people, preferring to view labels only as descriptions of irresponsibility. He does, however, label behavior, substituting responsible for mental health and irresponsible for mental illness. According to this theory, the helper's job is to aid the client in becoming more responsible so that he can meet his basic needs himself. Glasser's concept of reality is crucial to understanding this approach.

When a person has overcome all, precisely then is he perhaps closest to losing everything . . no longer can he fight Page 24 against something or someone else . . " 44 Values. The clarification of values is an indispensable component of the helping relationship. Of concern in this section are the values of the helper. Expression of them may be honest and noninterfering or manipulative, depending on how willing the helper is to take a look at where he or she "is coming from" and to take steps to avoid forcing his or her personal value orientation on the person being helped.

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