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By Ruben Quintero

This number of twenty-nine unique essays, surveys satire from its emergence in Western literature to the current.

  • Tracks satire from its first appearances within the prophetic books of the previous testomony during the Renaissance and the English culture in satire to Michael Moore’s satirical motion picture Fahrenheit 9-11 .
  • Highlights the $64000 impact of the Bible within the literary and cultural improvement of Western satire.
  • Focused more often than not on significant classical and eu impacts on and works of English satire, but additionally explores the advanced and fertile cultural cross-semination in the culture of literary satire.

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The laughter directed at the enemy or at unethical conduct simultaneously reinforces and amuses anyone who shares the same point of view. Like satire, consequently, ridiculing passages in the Hebrew Scriptures are directed at a twofold audience: one whose behavior is being criticized and one who agrees with the prophet or wisdom writer or storyteller that such behavior deserves to be criticized. Ancient biblical satire is thus punitive and persuasive. A simple comparison. Husband and wife argue in the presence of the wife’s friend.

I can see that you are a prophet’’ (4: 19). From my high-school days, I have always found that a very funny response, an apparently thorough non sequitur covering an embarrassing moment in a talk that has turned decidedly personal and intimate. At an older period of my life, I know now that the woman’s comments were not as off the point as I had once thought. Like many readers of the Bible, I had assumed that a prophet was in the business of prediction, foretelling the future. What could the Samaritan woman have meant by calling Jesus a prophet, a designation frequently applied to him by those who heard his message?

The satirist sets theory against practice to show the inadequacy of the theory. In Part 3 of Gulliver’s Travels (1726) the theorizing of the academicians at the Grand Academy of Lagado – where Progress is not the most important product – is constantly set against the catastrophic and ludicrous practical consequences of their theorizing. Driving home one day, I saw an accidental combination of a building sign and a bumper sticker that brought out unmistakably for me the difference between these two satiric approaches, these two phases of satire or irony.

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