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By Neil Paynter

Fifty new prayers from old and young and from people worldwide – from Glasgow to Cincinnati, from Malawi to Alaska – that will be utilized in an everyday self-discipline, many at the matters of the Iona neighborhood – poverty and fiscal justice, welcome and hospitality, interfaith discussion, church renewal, peacemaking.

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Let us be the light for the lost. Let us be your challenge for change, true to your call for justice to flow like a river and hope to spill over like a waterfall in word and sign and symbol and song in our lives. Amen Ewan Aitken, Scotland WINTER PRAYER Lord of the lights that fire the winter sky, Creator of the ice that bridges rivers; who brings spring when birds return to nest; Spirit of summer torrents, lover of mountain corries, let us lay our nests by your altars. God of the long rest of winter, of the green suddenness of summer, God of those who live with extremity and create equality.

We long for your love to enfold us, your Spirit to refresh us and renew us, your gentle presence to guide and protect us. In return we offer you our grateful thanks – ourselves just as we are. Like Bartimaeus, we sit by the roadside listening and waiting for your approach. Like him we want to leave the past behind and move on. And so we offer you all that hurts and harms and demeans us and the ways we hurt and harm and demean other people. Heal our offences, redeem our weakness and enable us to forgive and be forgiven.

Brian Woodcock, England WHERE THERE SEEMS NO END Where there seems no end to hunger and poverty, or to the fear of landmines and AIDS, enter the brokenness of the people and their land with your healing love, O God. But also enter, and make visible, their rich cultures, their deep faith, their work for peace, and their joyous celebration of life. Prayer from Iona Abbey A PRAYER FROM THE PILSDON COMMUNITY This beautiful and very powerful prayer is used at Sunday Eucharist at the Pilsdon Community in England, one of the Iona Community’s sister communities.

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